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the challenge
Traditional Data Analytic Solutions can be very HARD to build and have critical LIMITATIONS!

Many companies have limited industry expertise, experience long development timelines, and incur substantial costs in the design and development of data analytic infrastructures often missallocating valuable resources and detracting focus from the business process with a 70-80% failure rate *

Recently, Gartner noted a study that purported to show that "between 70% and 80% of DW/BI projects fail",

 due in part to poor communication and high complexity ...

  • STAR Schemas widely utilized in corporate environments; their weakness lies with inevitable upstream system changes and strict data cleansing requirements

  • OLAP (online analytical processing) data structures, usually STAR schema based, offer fast analysis of historical data from multiple perspectives; yet too often only 20-30% of the processed data reveals true value


  • Existing data analytic systems often lack the ability to adjust quickly to a changing business environment

  • Internally built solutions can provide meaningful business information; yet are unable to enlighten understanding, knowledge, or wisdom; a critical goal of Business Intelligence

  • Excessive IT Infrastructure overhead and technical expertise requirements can severely impede successful implementations by those companies in need of data analytic solutions


the solution
the solution
Data as a Service (DaaS) & Self Service Business Intelligence

"To understand the Data Vault is to understand the business" 

Let's go beyond STAR Schemas...

Introducing the 'Data Vault';

a data warehouse modeling methodology that unties information in order to make sense from it;

where all data is relevant, even if it is wrong!

  • TrinityIDC is an unrivaled DaaS solution that blends sophisticated technologies and methodologies delivering robust intelligence to your business

  • The definitive Data Analytics integration platform that delivers via a dynamic, client-configurable, full-featured, metadata automation system

  • durable, scale-able, high performance, adaptable, cloud-enabled experience for massive data sets as a low cost, self-service alternative to building it yourself

  • Beyond corporate reporting, inferred heuristics from aggregated business data, expert systems, and strategy engines are introduced; an industry 1st

  • Forging a cohesive focus on the client process while absorbing the infrustructure complexities virtually eliminates the need to creaft in-house data analytic solutions

  • Reliable and durable success is ensured through professional implementation and support services

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