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Your data is growing. More and more systems are collecting more and more data, and it is only going to accelerate. And those systems don’t talk to each other, and they don’t always use the same terminology, or align properly. If you don’t have a handle on it now, what are the odds you will in the future?

Wouldn’t it be easier if all that data was in one place?



It isn’t easy to get data from even two or three systems together to understand how your business is doing. Doing it manually takes time, introduces errors, opportunities for misinterpretation, and results in longer decision timelines because you can’t really trust the information you get. The more source systems you have, the worse the problem becomes. When hard decisions need to be made quickly to respond to rapidly changing business conditions, the whole system breaks down.

Wouldn’t it be better if all your data was in one place, already organized and aligned?


There are two sides to a balance sheet- assets and liabilities. Are you truly leveraging your data as an asset, or has it become a liability? Manual processes that produce incomplete information that isn’t timely lead to sub-optimal decisions. It isn’t easy to treat your data as an asset if you can’t use it to make financially sound decisions.  

Wouldn’t it be better if you had the data you needed, when you needed it, to make the best financial decisions?


the intelligent Data Cloud

The intelligent Data Cloud is a prefab cloud data warehouse leveraging the latest technologies to rapidly deliver a customized data warehouse to suit the client’s needs. iDC takes the risk out of data warehouse implementations by providing a prebuilt solution framework so that the customer can focus on their unique knowledge needs and not on the technology nuts and bolts. Using the Data Vault methodology iDC provides an agile data lake that feeds a data model of your business and a customized AI designed to leverage all the relevant data to improve business decision making.


Data as a Service vs. “what were we thinking, trying to do this ourselves”. You’ve said it before; take the easy way. IT is not your core competence, and building a Data Warehouse is hard, even for IT professionals. And expensive, and time consuming.


iDC automates the complexity of managing when data is ingested, from where, and how it is stored, managed, and used. Managing these activities is one of the biggest headaches encountered when building even a simple data warehouse. This complexity grows exponentially as the number of sources increases. iDC allows you to focus on your business responsibilities instead of managing all this complexity.


iDC is a prefab cloud-based platform that ingests any type of data from your tactical systems, corporate systems, sensors, spreadsheets, reports, documents, emails, texts, tweets - whatever you want to include - into an agile data lake. From there iDC automatically manages that data based on your needs using the Data Vault 2.0 methodology; fast, efficient, and quickly adaptable. Information can be viewed on dashboards and reports customized by role or audience, available at whatever cadence needed.




"There has to be an easier way". 


We heard this statement so many times, from so many clients, that we decided to build a solution that takes the complexity out of building a Data Warehouse. We undertook the challenge of building an off the shelf Data Warehouse solution that is easier, faster, better- and ultimately cheaper. We want to make it easy for those who are not in the Data Warehouse business to enjoy the benefits without all the pain.


We believe that corporate wisdom is the holy grail of business intelligence. We solve the problem of easily collecting all data and making it actionable.   Our innovative solution has simplified  the process of data collection, aggregation, and delivery, so that you have the right data, at the right time, to make the right decisions.


Our platform leverages the latest, cutting edge technologies to make our implementation the first true prefab Data Warehouse. Our metadata driven frameworks automate the population of our Agile Data Lake, quickly populate a data model built from a holistic model of your business, and then curate that data to present each user with the information they need to drive their decision making process.  



El Dorado Hills, CA 

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